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    time:2019-10-17 08:54:12

    The C-axis of this project is in the north, with a total length of 52 m, 8 bays in total, and 5 bays in the south, with a total length of 32.5 m, with a spacing of 6.5 m per bay; 27 axes are connected with two axes, with spacing of 21.75 m and 35 m respectively, and 53m at the northern eaves; 35 m at the single-span structure spacing of 1 axle, 8 axes and 9 axes; 6.3 m at the southern and Northern eaves (see figure 3). The steel column foot is rigidly connected, the main truss and the steel column are articulated, the wind column foot is articulated, and the side span is connected. The column foot of the A-axis truss is articulated as H-shaped steel column, the section size is H650*350*12*20, the wind column is H-shaped steel column, the maximum section is H450*200*9*14; the longitudinal truss is plane steel tube truss (see figure 6), and the main arch truss is also flat. Faced steel tube truss, with a section height of 1500mm (see section diagram of 2-2 truss), has a lower chord diameter of q219 *12 for the position of 35m span truss with large local force.

    H-section arch steel beams are selected for side-span roof beams with 1 and 9 axes, and double-deck cross-column supports are arranged between 1 and 2 axes and between 7 and 8 axes respectively on B and C axes. Six vertical supports are arranged on the axis of the wind column to ensure the lateral stability of the main truss; due to the asymmetry of the space structure itself, in order to ensure the good stiffness of the whole structure, horizontal roof supports are arranged between 1 and 2 axes, 2 and 3 axes, 6 and 7 axes, 7 and 8 axes and 9 axes, respectively, to form an effective lateral resistance system to ensure the integrity of the structure. The body structure has enough rigidity and stability. The support arrangement is shown in Figure 7. According to the relevant building structural design codes of Chengjia, the seismic fortification intensity of the project is 7 degrees, the basic seismic acceleration value of the design is 0.10g, and the seismic grouping of Changzhi City is the first group [2]; the type of building site is the second level. The main design load [3][4] is roof live load: 0.50 kNm-2 roof constant load: 0.30 kN roof with light coloured steel plate; wind load: 0.50 kNm-2; (designed once in 50 years) main structural steel column material: Q345B steel and other main structural component material: Q235B steel load combination according to the code, this project uses Shanghai Tongji University steel structure design software to model and calculate and analyze internal forces, according to the current code. Design [5].

    The main calculation results are shown in Tables 1 and 2, in which table 1 is the displacement table of the first 10 nodes with the largest combined displacement, and table 2 is the structural natural vibration period of the first 6 modes. 3. Modeling and calculation of D3S software for main structure and typical joint design, that is, radial analysis of steel column, steel beam, longitudinal truss, arch truss brace, roof purlin and so on in the whole space structure. Garden 8 was built with 3D 35 software.

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