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    Hengshui steel structure safety spray

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 09:50:47

    static spray production and processing in the operation process is a source of risk, and therefore must be safe to prompt the actual operation. To ensure the operating procedures, the following must be guaranteed in the actual operation:    

    First, start the automatic spray gun and check whether it is normal in the work, access the air compression source, check and determine the air compression and cleanliness , pass and no leakage. According to the conveyor chain speed and steel specifications, the strength of the spray gun elevator and its distance from the steel parts are adjusted.   &;; 

    II. During the operation of the equipment, all adjustments and refurbishment work cannot be carried out during operation. If the equipment is abnormal or abnormal during the whole process, the emergency stop button should be used to shut down and notify the relevant department to repair. Moreover, after each adjustment of the important parts of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the fitness sports organizations are harmonious by point fitness exercise, and determine that there is no problem and can be transferred to fully automatic operation.   &;; 

    Third, the actual operation staff must undergo safety professional technical training, understand and grasp the characteristics of the aircraft, construct and technical standards, carefully read the article operation guide, after the exam passed the post work , otherwise Do not operate in isolation and work with labor protection products.      

    IV. Regularly maintain the condition of each standard part of the transmission chain and adjust the tensioning equipment of the conveyor chain. Together, it is also necessary to ensure that the surface of the spray chamber is cleaned on time, and whether the filter core and the leak stop are excellent.     

    V. After the work is completed, be sure to turn off the switching power supply, source, etc. After the machine equipment is completely stopped, it can carry out equipment maintenance management and maintenance. After the is finished in a class, it is necessary to clean up the working environment and moisturize and maintain the CNC lathe.

    Bohai company has always been adhering to the concept of safety production is greater than everything, caring for the health of employees.

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