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    Extension of Membrane Structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-19 10:30:20


    (1) In order to ensure the total construction period, two 600 TM heavy tower cranes are selected as the main construction machinery in the main building after comparison of various schemes, which can reduce the number of components and cover a wide range, thus improving the work efficiency. At the same time, it can take into account the needs of other specialties, especially to provide support for equipment installation, civil engineering and other specialties. (2) Skirt houses are operated ahead of schedule and have large area of multi-point and multi-line skirt houses. In order to implement the intention of owners and ensure the early operation of skirt houses, multi-point and multi-line operations are necessary. Therefore, it is proposed to invest more construction machinery as the installation of skirt houses'steel structures. Two M440D towers and cranes in the main building take into account the overall construction of the podium. (3) In view of the special form of steel structure in this project and the high requirement of installation accuracy, especially the installation accuracy of truss layer, reasonable and reliable high-precision measurement techniques are recommended, including the setting of reference control network, the selection of measuring instruments, the arrangement of measuring points, data transmission and multi-system checking, etc. 。

    During the installation of steel structure, the installation accuracy of truss layer is doubled to ensure the perforation rate of high strength bolts. 4. The overall construction technology route is formulated according to the characteristics of flat elevation structure design and joint construction of this steel structure project, and in the light of site operation environment, construction period requirements and resource allocation. The overall technical route of steel structure installation of this project is formulated as follows: the construction of large-scale internal fertilizer type crown crane covering the main building with all surrounding water overlapping; the construction of medium-sized tower crane, crawler crane, and so on. Car crane and large tonnage tower crane cooperate with each other in skirt and atrium construction. That is to say, the steel components processed by the steel structure factory are transported to the construction site in batches according to the actual hoisting plan on the spot, and then constructed in sequence according to the design requirements. The main building structure part belongs to super high-rise building structure. Its structural characteristics determine the convenience and rapidity of the construction with inner climbing tower crane. Two Australian FAVCO 600 T. m tower cranes are used as the main machinery for steel structure construction of the main building. Two M440D tower cranes are mainly used for steel structure construction of the main building, taking into account the construction of steel sheet concrete, skirt and atrium steel structures. One ST70/27 tower crane, one 80t crawler crane and one 50t crawler crane are used for auxiliary installation of skirt and atrium steel structure construction. 。

    Fifth, according to the general construction technology route of this project, two M4400D inner climbing tower cranes are selected for structural installation in the main building, and one ST70/27 tower crane 0 t crawler crane and one 50t crawler crane are selected for structural installation in the skirt house and atrium. The standard floor height of the main building is 4.2m and 3.8m, climbing once every three floors, and the climbing distances are 12.6m and 11.4m, respectively, with a total of 26 climbs. Layout principle of climbing tower crane in main building R satisfies its own climbing and supporting conditions. Disaster and civil lifting steel formwork system are independent and coordinated - there is a certain safety distance between the turning platform of the tower crane Steel structure hoisting coverage meets the hoisting requirements of the main building steel structure 5.2 Construction general layout according to the characteristics of the steel structure of this project. In the construction stage of the main building underground structure, the main building underground steel structure mainly consists of anchor bolts, inner stiffness column of the core tube and outer stiffness column. The steel column is one section per two floors, the length of the component is 12m, the maximum weight of the component is 12t. The fixed M440D tower crane (600tm) with the platform arranged in the core tube is used to install the steel structure.

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