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    time:2019-10-18 14:13:39

    4.1 Antenna mast 2-D animation antenna mast 2-D animation is mainly used to demonstrate the progress of celestial latitude lifting, as well as two-dimensional animation of important node lifting system 2-D animation hydraulic system 2-D animation shows the working status of hydraulic system with the action of a jack, at the same time, it also shows various construction data, detection data 4.3 data meters and data meters. The height of antenna lifting is displayed in digital form, the events of construction process are displayed in text form, the equipment status of lifting system is displayed in signal lamp form, and the construction data of lifting points are displayed in histogram form. 4.4 Summary information briefing shows construction date, time, weather, wind direction, wind force and temperature, and in scoreboard form. Playback Manager is used for playback operation. Its controls include: playback, pause, stop, fast forward, fast fall, progress bar, record selection, speed selection, mode setting and scope setting. In March 2009, 3D system was successfully developed. Firstly, it took part in antenna lifting. The simulation test of the lifting system was carried out, and then the experts of the construction, design and supervision units of Guangzhou New TV Tower Project carried out the lifting rehearsal, which made them have a more vivid and concrete understanding of the technical scheme of the antenna lifting, and got a good agreement from April 22 to 25, 2009. The construction of the antenna lifting of Guangzhou New TV Tower was carried out smoothly.

    The lifting system installation and no-load test run were completed on April 22. On the morning of April 23, the pilot lifting was successful, and then it entered the formal lifting. In the following three days, the lifting was 23m, 27m and 15m respectively (platform, lightning arrester and other installations were needed between the two lifts). In antenna hoisting construction, 3D system cooperates with PC control system to achieve precise synchronous balancing control, which makes the hoisting force deviation less than 0.3Mpa and the hoisting degree deviation less than 3mm in the whole hoisting process, and realizes the bistable and high precision of load and attitude. On the afternoon of the 25th, even when the two-minute wind speed reaches 16.0m/s and the maximum wind speed reaches 17.8m/s in three seconds, the mast of the antenna in the lifting still maintains a good verticality. The lifting guide rail and the anti-wind and anti-tilt guide wheel are smoothly balanced and loaded slightly. Therefore, when lifted in place, the mast is positioned accurately without additional adjustments. The verticality of mast positioning is X direction: - 30mm (south), Y direction: +20mm (east), which is 1/5000 of the total height of mast. It fully meets the design requirements. The application of 3D system in antenna lifting control is summarized. Its characteristics and advantages are obvious.

    First, visualization is achieved in the construction control, so that construction commanders and operators can "see" the construction situation in the control room far away from the lifting platform, and can even be monitored by remote communication in the future. Secondly, the control object can be observed and analyzed from all directions and angles, such as drilling into the antenna and looking at the guide wheel rail carefully. Thirdly, the key parts and nodes can be calculated and calibrated by structural modeling and dynamic analysis. For example, the 3D system warns in advance before the lifting guide passes through the introduction, and the lifting operator strengthens the observation. Fourthly, fast access technology with strong pertinence can achieve faster and more precise control than conventional control systems. Fifth, to record and preserve the state, events and data of the whole construction process comprehensively and detailedly, which can be reviewed and analyzed at any time. Even at the time of construction, it is also helpful for operators to respond to complex situations. Sixth, it can provide data, images and video materials for various occasions and purposes, so as to make the project propaganda, technical summary and Exhibition more vivid and concrete.

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