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    time:2019-10-18 13:54:09

    1.1 Project Overview Guangzhou New TV Tower, also known as Guangzhou TV Tourist Tower, is located on the ground near Chigang Tower, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, 125 meters away from the South Bank of the Pearl River and across the river from Ersha Island and the Pearl River New Town. It is a large-scale urban infrastructure with the functions of TV launching, cultural entertainment and city window. It will provide broadcasting services for the 16th Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou in 2010. After completion, the overall height of the tower reaches 610 meters, which will replace the Canadian Sean Tower as the world's tallest tower and become a new landmark of Guangzhou. The antenna mast of Guangzhou New TV Tower is 156.2 meters high and weighs about 2000 tons. It is located on the top of the main tower 453.8 meters high. It is installed by lifting method. For this reason, the mast of antenna is divided into upper and lower sections. The length of the lower section is 752m, which is assembled by tower crane at the top of the main tower (hereinafter referred to as the assembly section). The upper section is 92m in length and is assembled in the hollow cylinder of the assembly section. Then, a lifting platform and a hydraulic lifting system are set up at the page of the assembly section to lift the upper part of the antenna (hereinafter referred to as the lifting section) vertically upward, pulling it out of the empty core barrel of the assembly section, lifting it by about 65 meters, and rising it to the setting position of 610 meters, connecting the lifting section with the assembly section, and then the installation of the mast of the antenna is completed by 1.2. The hydraulic lifting system used for antenna lifting is composed of 20 50 t piercing hydraulic jacks and 4 hydraulic pumping stations. The cylinder stroke of the hydraulic jack page is 300 mm.

    Each jack is equipped with 4 1524 high strength and low slack ground load-bearing steel strands, 2 left-handed and 2 right-handed steel strands. The hydraulic lifting system is installed on the support of the lifting platform. The load-bearing steel strand passes through the hydraulic jack core barrel and is clamped and sagged by the tracer. The anchor state is the anchor ring at the bottom of the lifting section of the antenna. When lifting, the hydraulic cylinder repeatedly clamps and loosens the upper and lower anchors, and lifts the steel strand upward so that the lifting section of the antenna rises up to the specified position. Hydraulic hoisting system is controlled by closed-loop control system of grate machine through sensors to achieve synchronization, stability and automation of hoisting. The control system of the metering machine is composed of the lower machine and the upper machine. The lower computer uses five OMRON PLCs to form CCLIK field control network to control the construction of hydraulic lifting system. The upper computer uses two PC computers as the terminal and man-machine interface of the control system for operators to monitor, adjust and control the construction operation. The lower computer and the lifting system itself can be set up and adjusted to make it better. In order to improve the function and performance of the control system, improve the technical content of antenna hoisting construction, and benefit the construction safety and engineering quality, Shanghai Machinery Works and British Software cooperate to apply modern high and new technologies such as three-dimensional simulation and virtual reality to construction control, and develop a three-dimensional real-time system for antenna hoisting construction. Development and application of 1.33D system (hereinafter referred to as 3D system) Target 1: With the technology of computer three-dimensional construction, animation simulation and dynamic analysis, the three-dimensional stereo images of electric antenna mast and lifting system are constructed on the screen of the grate, which can visualize the construction process and equipment operation status simultaneously and make the technicians far away from the lifting platform. The control room, even the office far away from the scene, can intuitively `see'the construction situation, as if they were in the immediate situation for construction control.

    2) Real-time and on-line recording and preserving the state, events and data of the whole construction process. On the one hand, it can be used for real-time monitoring and timely reporting of key nodes, important events and abnormal situations. On the other hand, it can be used for post-event review and analysis to play the role of "holographic video recorder" and "black box". 3) Preview the construction process and construction situation in advance through product data, groping rules, setting up models, which is beneficial to the planning and formulation of Engineering schemes, as well as some attempts to develop virtual installation and virtual construction technology in the future.

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