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    Safety protocol for steel structure fabrication

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-01 13:17:11

    In the figure, 1-flooding parts outside the gable, 2-flooding parts inside the gable, 3-hidden roof gutter, 4-galvanized folded angle steel, 5-special sliding support 1, 6-special sliding support 2, 7-flooding plate conversion parts correspond to this. At present, most of the joints inside and outside the gable in the standard drawings such as "Pressed Steel Plate Roof and Wall Construction 08] 925-3" are flooding parts inside and outside the gable. One piece. When the upper dimension of the external flooding parts is wider, the flooding plates will sink downward due to the self-weight effect, forming water accumulation and causing leakage at the overlap of flooding parts. Water. At the same time, many stitching pin holes are installed on the roof panel. When the cement is aged, a large number of stitching pin holes will leave a hidden danger of leakage. The method of atlas is illustrated in Figure 7 below. (New steel structure building envelope 3. Complexity of waterproof rigid design of the base of parapet wall in steel structure building. In addition to special edge-sealing angle steel, OHC system also designs standard parts such as sliding gutter.

    On the one hand, the setting of corner steel solves the problem that the lower end of the inner wall panel of the parapet (or high-low cross-gable) lacks of structural components when connected with the purlin of the wall. On the other hand, the edge-sealing angle steel can also be used to fix the roof flooding plate hidden sliding roof trench and sliding bracket. In addition, the hidden sliding sky connection as a whole can ensure the separation from the L wall board and the relative sliding completely solve the leakage hidden danger caused by the vertical overlap of the flooding board at the bottom of the parapet wall. The reason is that if the leakage is caused by overlapping, the leakage will fall into the hidden sliding ditch and converge to the indoor ditch. The improved designs are as follows: Fig. 8. The improved designs are as follows: 1, 1'-special sliding bracket; 2-inner flooding parts under parapet wall; 3-sidewall sealing angle steel; 4-hidden roof gutter; 5-roof profiled plate; 6-daughter's front joints in the standard drawing set of "profiled steel plate, sandwich panel roof and wall construction 08925-3". The joints are as follows: female L wall flooding. The lower part of the water plate is directly connected with the metal roof panel, in which a sealant tape is laid and then joined together by a suture pin.

    In this way, the leakage of the vertical connection of the inner flooding board will directly fall on the roof panel or thermal insulation cotton, while the metal roof panel at the other place has a lot of longitudinal suture nail holes, which buries the hidden danger of water leakage. The concrete methods of the joint diagram set are as follows: Fig. 9: Fig. 9. The joint method (the comparison between Fig. 8 and Fig. 9 shows that the OHC system basically solves the rigid surface system in this joint has better network waterproof, simplicity, beauty and durability. 4. The waterproof rigidity of the top of the parapet wall of steel structure building is more prominent. The chemical design system is reliable rigid waterproof connection by setting special conversion. The cement laid between them is omitted, and the leakage phenomenon of the wall roof caused by the ageing of the cement is avoided. By dividing the wall top-pressing edge-wrapping parts into two parts, we can maximize the standardization of accessories, reduce material loss, avoid waste, and have good economic practicability.

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