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    Characteristics of Hengshui Steel Structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 10:10:30

    The characteristics of the steel frame structure The steel frame structure is a structure in which steel prefabricated members are connected by electric welding, anchor bolts or rivets. Compared with the construction of other raw materials such as concrete structure, wood structure and masonry structure, there is a high compressive strength of the :1. stainless steel sheet, plastic deformation and ductility. The stainless steel sheet is compared with other building materials. The compressive strength is much higher. Suitable for constructing structures with large span, high aspect ratio or heavy load. If the plastic deformation is good, the deformation is large, and the structure is not easily broken due to overweight under the normal working standard, and the preventive measures can be taken immediately. If the ductility is good, the working ability of digesting and absorbing kinetic energy is strong, so that the steel frame structure has excellent driving load adaptability. Therefore, it is more suitable to select the steel frame structure in the earthquake disaster area.

    2.Stainless steel sheet material, and the assumption of structural mechanics is more consistent with the quality of stainless steel sheet in the smelting plant and cold rolling process, the material fluctuation range is not large, compared with other building decoration materials stainless steel sheet The internal mechanism is symmetrical, the physical and physical properties of each orientation are consistent, close to the anisotropic body, and the ground stress and strain are linearly related within the necessary ground stress. This physics physical property is more in line with the basic assumptions of engineering mechanics calculation. Therefore, the specific working characteristics of the steel frame structure are in good agreement with the basic theoretical values.

    3. The steel frame structure is very light, although the density of the steel is much larger than other building decoration materials, but because of the high compressive strength, the structure is lighter.

    Its lightweight concrete properties can be considered by the ratio of compressive strength to density, the greater the ratio, the lighter the construction. For example, the net weight of a general steel roof truss that bears the same load for the same span can only be 1/3~1/4 of the concrete structural steel roof truss. If you choose a cold-drawn thick-walled steel roof truss or even close to 1/10. The structure is very light, which can reduce the roadbed and a part of the project cost, and it is beneficial to resist earthquake disasters, and it is convenient to transport and hoist together. However, because of the high compressive strength, the prefabricated members are made with a small cross section and a thin wall. The prefabricated members are usually manipulated by the smooth and bending stiffness under stress, and the compressive strength cannot be fully utilized.  

    4 steel frame structure manufacturing and manufacturing, the construction of short steel frame structure commonly used raw materials for the talent, its prefabricated components by technical professional pharmaceutical plants, pesticide plants and other chemical companies manufacturing, production and processing, change, professional High level of technology, reliable quality and high precision.

    steel frame structure _ [ usually used prefabricated components in the processing plant after the production and transport to the construction site assembly, can be installed with simple general anchor bolts and high-strength bolts, can also be assembled on the road or welded After lifting into a large module, the assembly line speed is fast, the construction period is short, and the delivery is fast. A small amount of steel frame structure and light steel structure can also be produced on site and then hoisted with a simple machine. In addition, the steel frame structure has been built to facilitate relocation, reconstruction, alteration and structural reinforcement. &23;

    5 . The steel frame structure has good sealing performance. The stainless steel plate mechanism has high density and is non-hydrophilic and anti-squeezing. It can be made into a completely closed structure by electric welding, and the tightness and sealing are good. It is suitable for high pressure vessels, oil depots and pipes. Plate and gas cabinet and other shell structures.

    6 . Steel frame structure has poor corrosion resistance. The large defect of stainless steel plate is easy to rust. It is necessary to pay attention to safety protection for steel frame structure, especially thick-walled prefabricated components. In the construction of the steel frame structure, it is necessary to completely prevent rust treatment and brush the anti-rust treatment paint or hot-dip galvanizing, and then maintain and maintain the maintenance cost. In the usual industrial plants without adhesive materials, the rust problem is not serious. The air-resistant stainless steel sheet that has appeared in recent years has a good anti-rust working ability and has been gradually promoted and applied.

     7 . Steel frame structure is resistant to high temperature but not fireproof material. When the stainless steel plate is subjected to 100 °C heat radiation for a long time, its key characteristics (compressive strength, elastic mold, etc.) are not changed greatly. When the temperature reaches 150 °C , it is necessary to use heat insulation. The board is maintained in many aspects. When the temperature exceeds 300 °C , the compressive strength drops sharply. It is considered that the stainless steel sheet enters the plastic deformation condition and the bearing capacity is missing at °C .

    Therefore, the steel frame structure is not fireproof material, and it is necessary to adopt fire safety measures for key structures, such as brushing fireproof materials, etc., which is expensive.  

    8 . The steel frame structure will produce brittle broken stainless steel sheet at ultra-low temperature. Although it is a ductile raw material, the material becomes brittle at ultra-low temperature. If the design is conceived, manufactured or mishandled, the steel frame structure will be brittle, and the design concept must be Need to pay attention.

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