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    The fire resistance limit of steel structure civil buildings is usually second level. According to Table 5.1.1 of GB50016-2006, the combustion performance of non-bearing exterior wall components should be non-combustible, and the fire resistance limit of components should meet the requirement of 1 hour. Therefore, when choosing the material of the enclosure system of steel structure buildings, the fire protection standard should be satisfied first. Relevant requirements for structural design should go through fire protection to 1 hour's fire resistance limit. The material composition of the assembled enclosure system is generally divided into two categories: metal material and non-metal material. The supporting framework is generally cold-formed thin-walled steel and light steel keel, which are non-combustible. However, the combined system currently lacks the fire resistance limit of authoritative departments. The structure selected in the test report satisfies the requirements of fire protection specification by theoretical analysis. When choosing light assembling enclosure system for steel structure building, the system must have reliable waterproof performance. If the fabricated enclosure system is not properly disposed of, there will be big star gap, which will easily cause the leakage of external rainwater, resulting in insufficient air tightness of the system. The light enclosure system usually uses the inorganic fiber material with voids for thermal insulation, which is characterized by excellent thermal insulation performance, large loss of thermal insulation capacity after dampness, and long-term thermal insulation. Moisture-proof and heat-preservation performance in humid environment 2.4 Deformation-proof capability of steel structure requires strong deformation capability, which can meet the needs of seismic resistance of structure. Consideration should be given to solving the compatible deformation ability between load-bearing structure and envelope system. Otherwise, the envelope system of building is very easy to crack and deform, and masonry structure is not suitable for use effect and life-span structure building. As an enclosure system, because the masonry is of great post-stiffness, it is easy to produce cracks at the intersection where the deformation of the steel structure is inconsistent. The steel structure is suitable for the selection of assembled materials. The connection node takes into account the deformation capacity, and the gap between the materials is reserved to allow its deformation.

    However, cracks should be properly handled so as not to affect the normal function of the enclosure structure. Because the fabricated exterior wall system adopts factory prefabrication and field assembly, and uses special connectors to connect with each other, which is quite different from masonry structure and cast-in-place structure, the reliability between the enclosure system and the main structure and the tightness of the connection between the components play an important role in building safety. At the same time, the tightness of the structure and the strength of bolts and bolts will also affect the safety of the whole system. In addition, the corrosion-prone and rust-prone components of metal components should be treated by galvanizing or three-steel structure exterior wall system type and material steel structure exterior wall system can be divided into two main categories: metal exterior wall system and non-metal exterior wall system. Metal plate exterior wall system consists of wall beams as wall support structure, exterior exterior exterior exterior exterior exterior exterior exterior compression steel by self-tapping screw. Plates such as panels or sandwich panels are fixed on wall beams. Metal sheets can be directly fixed on wall beams on the indoor side, or light steel keel system can be set separately to fix the keel cavity of the wall and fill the insulation material. Waterproof vapor permeable layer is laid on the outer side of the insulation layer to ensure the air permeability and waterproof ability of the external wall system. Inside lay vapor insulation layer to prevent indoor humid air from entering lambda insulation layer and affect the thermal insulation performance of external wall system.

    Material selection of external wall system: profiled steel plate, profiled aluminium plate and sandwich plate. 2 There are two methods for non-metallic exterior wall system: dense system and slab system. The cold-formed thin-walled steel keel is used as wall bracing system. The cement base material is installed outside the keel, and the additional keel is fixed. The additional keel is firmly connected with the dense-ribbed keel, and the waterproof decoration-integrated exterior wall board is hung. The inner part of keel is fixed with non-metallic plates such as gypsum board. Insulation materials are filled in the keel cavity of the wall, and waterproof and permeable cotton is laid on the outer side of the insulation layer, and multi-ribbed external wall system materials are laid on the inner side of the insulation layer, such as gypsum board, fiber reinforced cement board, expanded vermiculite board, etc. Among them, the plate installed outdoors should have high strength, resistance to deformation when the temperature and environment change. At the same time, the cracks in the sheet should be strictly handled. Thermal insulation materials mainly include glass wool, rock wool and other non-combustible materials. The slab system is made of finished slabs fixed directly on the main beam or floor. According to the requirements of heat transfer coefficient in different areas, the thickness of slabs is selected, and the outer side of slabs is added with integrated thermal insulation and decoration.

    This wall system is constructed.

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