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    time:2019-10-07 14:56:21

    3. Iron and steel, steel structure and metal maintenance work hand in hand. Mutually beneficial and win-win workers who want to do their job well must first use their tools. Any steel structure building can not be separated from the high-quality steel products "iron and steel industry development plan" let us see more hope. The "Five-Year Development Plan of Iron and Steel Industry" clearly points out that powerful iron and steel enterprises should be encouraged to develop high-end steel products, while preventing homogeneous development of high-grade products and avoiding waste of investment and disorderly competition of high-end products. Among them, the application of high strength, earthquake resistance, refractory and weathering steel plate and H-section steel in the field of steel structure construction is closely related to the steel industry, steel structure industry and metal maintenance industry. However, as both sides of the same industry chain, they have been in a state of separate struggle. At present, the association is also actively carrying out its work, hoping that through in-depth communication with China Iron and Steel Industry Association and major iron and steel enterprises, the distance between steel industry and steel structure and metal maintenance industry will be closer, so that iron and steel enterprises and steel structure and metal maintenance enterprises can complement each other, so that steel enterprises can know steel structure and gold at the first time. It is the demand of maintenance enterprises to help steel structure and metal maintenance industry realize industrial transformation and upgrading faster. The steel industry pays taxes. However, in recent years, the low profit and even loss of the steel industry has been widely known. As a new industry conforming to green, environmental protection and low carbon, the steel structure and metal maintenance industry will be comparable in the future. For a long time, it has good prospects for development.

    If the steel industry can seize the opportunity to inject new vitality into the development of the steel structure industry, it will truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. The Association will also continue to work in depth for this purpose, taking serving the industry and enterprises as the first priority, facing the difficulties and making joint efforts to overcome them. At present, there are still some problems in the development of steel structure and metal maintenance industry in our country. Some casualties have been caused by reversal accidents of individual steel structure projects, and some casualties have been caused by steel structure and metal maintenance specialties. There is a serious shortage of technicians, especially small and medium-sized enterprises; the market operation is not standardized enough, bidding enterprises compete to lower the bid price, even lower than the cost price: standards and application standards are missing, lagging behind, steel standards and engineering design, construction specifications and regulations can not be linked up; low entry threshold for enterprises, blindly launching new projects, resulting in excess capacity, resources. Waste. In addition, compared with developed countries, there are still many gaps in design concept, product research, steel product quality, equipment and computer application, scientific management in China, and the main gaps are in design concept and scientific research and development.

    For example, at present, most super high-rise buildings and buildings with special requirements are awarded by foreign architects'schemes. They do have their unique features in planning, environment and architectural functions. All these are worth learning from our country's more than 10,000 enterprises engaged in steel structure and metal maintenance, manufacturing and processing, with fixed production sites and certain rules. There are more than 5000 mould enterprises. With the acceleration of industrialization and the transfer and promotion of manufacturing industry, as well as the promotion of resources, power and market advantages, China's steel structure and metal maintenance manufacturing industry has reached an unprecedented new stage. Its overall scale, equipment level and manufacturing capacity are leading in the world, but the speed of Chinese steel structure enterprises going abroad needs to be accelerated. On the one hand, steel structure buildings in developed countries such as Europe and the United States are more popular, and the market is close to saturation. On the other hand, the economic strength of Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa and the Americas is slightly weaker. The output of steel structure industry in public buildings in 2011 is 29 million, mostly purchased from low-rise assembly houses or sports venues supported by China. The output value is about 319 billion yuan, and the profit after tax is 11.1 billion yuan.

    Among them, the total output value of the construction industry of the top 10 enterprises in the industry is about 40 billion yuan, accounting for 12.5% of the total output value of the whole industry. In 2011, the output of crude steel was 680 million tons, and the proportion of steel structure steel to steel production was 4.2%, and that of construction steel was 9.1%. In 2011, the steel structure output value accounted for 2.7% of the total output value of the construction industry. In 2011, all.

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