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    The space truss is designed by the general space truss design software in the industry. It can design the corresponding structure form, structure size and support form according to the actual characteristics of the project. Based on the relevant national codes and standards, it carries out various load combination design and verification. Therefore, the design is scientific and reliable, and ensures the usability of the structure application. Safety. In the engineering application of the fourth and fifth phases of Archaean, due to the optimization of design, the structure and force are well coordinated. After several slides, dismantling and lifting, no bending of the truss and deformation of the grid have occurred. 2. The effect of reducing the force on the main structure is reduced. In fact, the construction technology of the structure accumulation wei-shift method is a relatively mature steel structure construction technology. In the demonstration of the scheme, it is concluded that the internal force of the grid structure will change and the deformation will increase due to the change of the original I-skin support mode of the grid structure, the process of sliding and the influence of dynamic load. Movable load-bearing frame construction is only slippage of load-bearing frame. The main grid is always installed in situ and directly enters the design state. During the construction process, the main 33, installation and demolition construction cycle is short, and the construction is convenient. The poles and accessories of less load-bearing frame affected by the site conditions are manufactured in factory. After arriving at the site, the professional construction team carries out the network. As a small space truss project, it controls its quality and progress according to the requirements of individual projects, which greatly facilitates the construction and management of the fourth and fifth phases of Taigu project in Xiamen. Because of the use of mobile load-bearing construction technology, the load-bearing frame covers a small area and only legs, and the lower part can also pass along with the movement of the load-bearing frame and the construction of the fifth phase of Taigu project in Xiamen. The gradual strengthening of the main knot provides cross-working conditions for hydropower installation, fire protection and other units, as well as site conditions for floor and civil engineering.

    3.4. Because the load-bearing frame itself is lighter, the smooth sliding can be achieved by rolling friction and hand-pulled hoist traction according to the mature experience of knot slipping. In the fourth and fifth phases of Taigu project in Xiamen, the track length is designed according to the modulus of the slip distance, taking into account the moving distance of each element, so that the utilization ratio of the track is optimized. The track itself is used as a reaction device for rolling movement. It is tracted by two 5 t hand-pulled hoists. The operation is simple and 3.5 square meters. It has the characteristics of recycling and reuse. The load-bearing frame used in the fourth phase is economical and can be used again in the fifth phase after a small number of rods and steel balls are replaced. After the fifth phase of the project is completed, the retained components are selected for use. For other structures, components that are totally unusable can be treated as scrap steel, which has good reuse value. 4. Promotion significance At present, China's large-span space steel structure has a good momentum of development. There are many types of structure and various construction methods. Mobile load-bearing frame construction technology has a wide application prospect because of its obvious economic benefits, safety and reliability, reusability, easy to operate and other advantages. 4.1. Computing theory is mature and professional. Software design, which is more advanced and reliable in technology, is a novel and unique construction method, which is conducive to the progress of construction technology and industry development.

    4.2. With in-situ installation, the peripheral support can be positioned accurately at one time, which makes the boundary constraints of the structure fully conform to the design, follows the design intention to the greatest extent, does not change the original force model of the design, facilitates engineering quality control 4.3, mobile load-bearing frame provides a good working platform for high-altitude installation operation, and provides high-altitude installation operation. It provides safer and more reliable production conditions than before, ensures construction safety and reduces construction safety risks. 4.4. Turnover use, mobile, multi-functional, multi-purpose, easy to Kaichen integrated operation. In the design, the swing use is taken into account, and the conditions from the variability of the shape to the increase or decrease of the number of supporting legs meet the installation of different types of structures, which makes the application scope more and more extensive. Especially in the installation of large-span flat grid structure, the effect is the most 4.5. Compared with the fastener-type load-bearing frame, the direct economic benefit is obvious. Because of shortening the construction period, the four-and five-period projects are made. The period is several months shorter than that of the first three periods, which provides conditions for customers to use and put into production in advance.

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