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    There are two pillars supporting 14 M5 pictures: the hall has 12 flash points (two angles, and then the sound reaches square m * 4.63 m863 m). The section of the space truss is stepped, the structure rises, the elevation of the space truss is 4 m ~ 6.3 m, and the elevation of the lower chord is 25 m and 31 m, respectively. The total weight of the steel structure is about 2230 t, as shown in Figure 1 ~ 2. In the fifth phase of the hangar steel structure project, the hangar roof is composed of a three-storey chessboard-shaped quadrangular pyramid grid structure and a steel arch structure across the gate. The space truss of the hall covers an area of 152 m *75.5 m, and its basic grid is 4.75 m *5.0 M. The elevation of the space truss is 4.0 m 7.78 M. The elevation of the steel arch is 20.75 m, and the elevation of the bottom chord of the space truss is 27227 M. The total weight of the steel structure is about 2100 t. Fig. 1, Xiamen Taigu hangar Phase IV hangar exterior view 2, Xiamen Taigu hangar Phase V hangar exterior view 2, installation method in long-span hangar roof steel structure engineering, generally using the methods of integral lifting of knot, knot plot shift and so on.

    When the elevation of the gate beam is 13.20m different from the bottom elevation of the space truss of the hall, it is necessary to put the gate beam in the deep foundation pit to assemble or erect a large number of scaffolds (e.g. 3), and the hollowing of the elevated structure is relatively difficult to control the construction quality and safety, and the cost of the measures is high. Changing the supporting mode of the original design of space truss will inevitably lead to the change of structural internal force and the adjustment of some components. After the cumulative sliding process, the volume and weight of the structure will increase continuously, and some irreversible deformation will occur due to traction. Fig. 3. The overall lifting scheme of Xiamen Taigu hangar structure is shown in Figure 2.1. Because of the narrow site, the available area can be assembled by small blocks on the ground. The working platform is composed of fastener-type scaffolds and mobile load-bearing frames. The method of assembling high-altitude units is constructed as shown in Figure 4. Figure 4, Xiamen Taigu hangar load-bearing frame support indication 2.2, mobile load-bearing frame and fastener-type scaffolding are the temporary support foundation of the grid installation and the overall structure, after accurate checking.

    Before each load-bearing frame is moved, the units to be installed must be fixed and checked under various construction conditions. After checking calculation by construction unit and checking by design unit, the space truss is stable in all kinds of working conditions in the installation process. The whole space truss is installed at high altitude in several units (four stages are divided into seven units and five stages are divided into eight units). It is carried out sequentially to accumulate one unit for each skeleton shift, requiring that the completed space truss must have a row of fulcrums in the frame. The installation unit is ensured to be installed at the same elevation as the previous unit. 24. In the fourth phase of the project, the mobile load-bearing frame should be lifted and lowered once in the installation process, that is, from 238m (low span) 298m (high span) 16.6m (door beam); in the fifth phase, the mobile load-bearing frame should be lowered twice in the installation process, that is, from 27.1m 23.6m 15.6m (figs. 5-6).

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